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2/3/2007 8:34 PM

Sword of Doom...

Sword of Doom...

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GOTM Rules borrowed from our friends over at www.civfanatics.com

What are the rules?
The rules are fairly simple: Play fairly.

This means that you play within the spirit of the competition. As it is a friendly competition, we like to believe that there is no real incentive to cheat - but unfortunately, people do. Any persons found to be cheating will have their games removed, and there is a strong possibility that they will be banned from participating in the future.

Cheating includes (and is not limited to):
  1. Playing the game multiple times and submitting the best effort (or even playing to get knowledge of the map, the replaying then starting the game again).
  2. Using any sort of programs to edit the game or save files.
  3. Altering the XML or using other mods that give you an unfair advantage.
  4. Reloading an earlier save-file and replaying turns in a different way. The only time you may reload a save file is to start a new play session, and you must use the save file from the end of your previous session.

Also, if in doubt, ask. If you think you have found a new loop-hole or exploit, then we strongly suggest that you ask as to its legallity before you use it. The aim of the competition is not to see who can exploit the rules, and as such, we reserve the right to disqualify submissions based on exploits that are discovered later.

Hall of Champions:

June 2006: Bismarck2990

July 2006: Palpster

August 2006: Ness

September 2006: Zone

October 2006: Tiger

November 2006: Rishbhav

December 2006: aconfusedkid

January 2007: Zone

February 2007: Zigeuner

March 2007: Zigeuner

April 2007: General Georges

May 2007: Zigeuner

June 2007: Agamemnon

July 2007: Nuclearcow

August 2007: Warlords - Nulcearcow BTS - Nuclearcow

September 2007: BTS - Bolan Longpants

October 2007: BTS - Konrad von Richtmark

November 2007: BTS - Bolan Longpants

December 2007: BTS - Nuclearcow

January 2008: BTS - Nuclearcow

February 2008: BTS - Nuclearcow

March 2008: BTS - Nuclearcow

April 2008: BTS - tones

May 2008: BTS - Konrad von Richtmark

June 2008: BTS - Carlucas

November 2008: Nuclearcow

December 2008: tones

January 2009: Nuclearcow

February 2009: tones

GOTM Ranking System

1-2 victories:









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